Feather (3D Single lash, mix length)


We have been working on this new design of individual lashes for months. The idea is to create "feather like" single lashes with 3D effect, so when its applied it will give you the most natural lash result as if you were born with it. 

We created a package with mixed length (8mm, 10mm, 12mm) for the ultimate customisation, you can apply with or without eyeliner for an illusion of eyelashes extensions look. These semi permanent lashes feels like your own and can last for days.

Pro tip! If you have gaps between your lashes or you want to prolong your eyelashes extension. Simply add a few "Feather" to the gaps and it will make it lash perfect again. 


Why we love this! 

- Get salon result at home. 

- Mix length for ultimate customisation. 

- Semi permanent lashes that can last for days. 

- Reusable. 

- Lash glue is included.