Secret 02 Natural (Eyelash Extensions effect)

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Lash Length

You’ll love them because: Secret lashes give you longer and fuller lashes in the most natural way possible. With the ultra-thin lash band, “Secret” lashes can be applied under your lash line, merging seamlessly with your natural lashes for an eyelash-extension look. 

Each box comes in 3 different lengths so you can create a beautiful look that is just perfect for you. And to give you as much value as we can, we have placed each lash closely next to each other to fit as many pieces as possible. One box is the same as having 3-4 pairs of strip lashes, and “Secret” lashes are reusable. ❤️

Depending upon your eye shape, apply 4-6 pieces of Secret lashes to each eye, and you are done. Save 60% of your time compared to that needed for individual eyelash applications. Easier to apply than strip lashes.

Perfect for fast and easy lash application with natural results!

    • Great value! (1 box includes 39 clusters = 3-4 pairs of strip lashes!)
    • Made with premium Korean PBT synthetic fibers. Cruelty-free
    • Lightweight & comfortable
    • Easy to apply & reusable
    • Salon result at home within minutes
    • Mini lash adhesive is included 

Mixed-length in each box:

Short mix: (8mm, 10mm, 12mm)  

Long mix: (12mm, 14mm, 16mm)

Must have for application